Since 1987 the anthropological study association Kwakiutl is committed to the interests of the students of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology students at the University of Amsterdam. Since then the study association is bulkier, more professional and more active. Kwakiutl presents a wide range program of both social and study related activities, whereby students can get more out of their time at the UvA, connect more to their study and are encouraged to think more critically even outside the study program.

Here you will find some information about the board, the committees, de general members meeting and the Advisory board.


Marijn Groeneveldt

Coordinator of Social Activities

Moena Geddi

Coordinator Study

Veronique Bon


Marijn Beertje Broek


Iris van Dockum





Chair: Moena Geddi

In April Kwakiutl organizes a hitchhike competition! In teams of two the members will travel to a city in Europe, where they will spend the weekend. The committee exists of 5 members, who will pick a destination, come up with fun games for on the road and also make a program for the weekend itself. The participants will hear the destination the morning of departure (otherwise they can cheat), so it’s a very relevant quality if you can keep a secret.

We will begin with the meetings in January and repeat this once every two weeks. The last month we will meet every week.

For more information, you can send an email to coordinator-reizen@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: 06-21171577.


Chair: Marijn Groeneveldt

Do you enjoy parties and borrels and want to be in charge

of making them as cool as possible? Join The Party Committee and help organise weekly borrels, themeborrels and parties like the end of the year party or maybe even a gala? We will brainstorm about cool new locations, themes, nice associations to collaborate

with and exciting activities to provide at the events; all new ideas are welcome! Interested? Mail the Social Coördinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl


Chair: Marijn Groeneveldt

But of course Kwakiutl isn’t only about partying! There

are many other social activities Kwakiutl organises every year. Do you want to contribute in organising, planning and creating the most fun get togethers this year? Think of last year’s clothes-swap event, but also the christmas dinner, Sinterklaas lunch, charity

event or active members present. Interested? Mail the Social Coördinator: coordinator-sociaal@kwakiutl.nl


Chair: Moena Geddi

This committee will be all about film and documentaries! I’ve noticed that a lot of anthropology students, including me, are really into film. It is also tightly connected to our study, the curriculum is filled with documentaries to watch and you can even pick visual anthropology as a minor or master. Enough reason to get together, make some popcorn, and watch some film! If you join this committee you are responsible for organizing a couple of movie nights throughout the year and even a film festival! Because this committee is new, nothing is set in stone yet, so do you feel like being a trailblazer and making these Kwakiutl's best events? Or do you just want to hangout and talk to some fellow film nerds?


Send an email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to:

06-42160610 !

Lecture-, TOP

Chair: Moena Geddi

Studying anthropology is extremely educational and most of the time super fun, but all that reading can sometimes be a little much. As curious anthropologists we find learning new things super fun! That’s why we organize lecture-, TOP-committee events which are educational, but also get the hardworking students out of their rut. Is there anything else that is not in the curriculum but you want to learn more about? Would you like to meet every other week to organize lectures,  and lectures together with other associations (‘The Other Perspective’)? Or if you have any questions left, send an email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: 06-42160610.


Chair: Moena Geddi

Every year Kwakiutl organizes an anthropological conference: Namgis! With this committee we will come together every week so that there will be an amazing conference in April. As a member of this committee you will learn how to network, build up an events from scratch, work out your creative ideas and a lot more! You can put this event to your own hand, in consultation with the committee, because there are different functions with their own tasks and besides that, it will be super fun to work together toward this event!

Would you like to eat, drinks and organize a conference with lovely people every week, or do you have any questions about the committee?


Email to coordinator-studie@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: 06-42160610


Chair:  Marijn Beertje Broek

The travel committee is responsible for the study trip of ten days in May. The committee consists of a chair and 6 to 7 members, who will meet weekly throughout the whole year (and sometimes twice a week). After we decided upon a location together, we have to buy tickets, request subsidies, make contact with a university and NGO’s, search for a hostel and plan other activities. Everyone who signs up for this committee will have to have an interview.

A great advantage to be a member of the travel committee is that you are guaranteed of a spot to go on the study trip!

Do you want to know more, send an email to coordinator-reizen@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: 06-42265190


Chair: Marijn Beertje Broek

This year the acquisition committee will start recruiting companies for sponsorship. In addition, there is room to choose to engage in dialogue with NGOs, with companies and to hold debates on anthropological-related issues


In general, there is a lot of room in this committee for your own interpretation because this committee is completely new!

For more information you can email to: penningmeester@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: ​ 06-21171577.


Chair: Veronique Bon

The Hunsel committee is a very lowkey committee who organizes one event per year. During the Hunsel weekend we will travel to a small village in Limburg where members have a lot of fun and get to know each other better under the pleasure of a couple of beers.

For more information you can email to: coordinator-reizen@kwakiutl.nl or send a text to: ​ 06-21171577.



The General Members Meeting (GMM) is a meeting whereby at the beginning of the year the candidate board, the annual budget and the policy plan will be agreed upon. During The half year GMM the board gives an update towards her members about how the first half year went and the application committee will be introduced. Also, the board can arrange an interim GMM to agree upon certain decisions or to let the member think along about certain ideas. It is important that members come to the GMM to agree upon these kind of things and to let them have a say in the policy and events of Kwakiutl. It is expected that members will look critical towards the documents of the board during the GMM.

It is clear that your voice as member of Kwakiutl counts in the decision making of our study association.



A quick introduction: the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board tries to support with the functioning of the board of Kwakiutl with wanted and unwanted advise. The Board consists of (active) members and old board member of Kwakiutl with a hart for the association who will guard the Kwakiutl culture. Besides, this year the Advisory Board contains an old board member of comparable study association who will look from another perspective to the problems within the association.

The Advisory Board will have individual (functioning-) conversations with the members of the board, watch sporadically along with the board meetings and read through all the GMM pieces, so that they can present an advice on the GMM. Besides, we want to emphasize that the Advisory Board is open for the opinions of the members and you can always contact us for questions or other comments.

You can contact us via raadvanadvies@kwakiutl.nl

Lots of love,

Rozan, Eveline, Jitse, Julia en sabine